Insurance of an external loan

Insurance of an external loan

When you apply for a mortgage loan from Crédit to finance a property, it asks you to take out borrower insurance to ensure the desired credit and protect you and your family, against any risk of default. The then offers you its own loan insurance contract which is collective and standard: the group contract.

But, know that with the law, you can decide the insurer who will guarantee your mortgage and thus find a contract that will make you save on the total cost of your real estate credit subscribed with Crédit South West.

Loan credit southwest

loan credit

Crédit is a bank belonging to the Crédit group, a cooperative and mutual bank. The group consists of federations and about twenty subsidiaries.

One of the 6 credit unions: it is the second in terms of importance

The solution to ensure your loan

The solution to ensure your loan

You wish to benefit from a loan insurance contract being much more interesting for your real estate credit subscribed with Crédit Mutuel du Sud-Ouest?

So, resort to insurance delegation, the specialist in negotiating loan insurance contract delegated.

Law Lagarde

The Lagarde law offers you the possibility to delegate your loan insurance: you can freely subscribe the insurance borrower that suits you best, from the insurance company of your choice, provided you find a contract respecting the equivalence level guarantees with the contract initially proposed.

Hamon Law

In case you have contracted your credit after July 26, 2014, the Hamon law gives you the opportunity to replace your loan insurance during the first year of life of your home loan. As with the Lagarde law, the guarantees must be equivalent to the guarantees of the initial contract.

Credit South West Loan Insurance Comparison

credit loan

To help you with your loan insurance research process, we have designed an online loan insurance comparison tool. Free and non-binding, it allows quick and easy targeting of the most important CMSO loan insurance criteria. You can, therefore, check that the subscription of an offer other than that of the bank is more advantageous for you.

Why call The Broker?

Expert in the field of insurance borrower, the broker is able to seek and negotiate for you the credit insurance contract at the lowest market rate accepted without problem by the bank, because of the respect of the level of guarantee equivalence. You will also benefit from tailor-made guarantees, thus offering you a completely personalized cover.

Save thousands of euros

Save thousands of euros

Thanks to the use of the insurance delegation to guarantee your loan with Crédit you can significantly reduce the cost of your loan insurance and thus save thousands of euros on the overall cost. of your credit!